A Brief History

Satya Vachan Seminary (SVS)  is an initiative of Satya Vachan Church, a Reformed, baptistic church whose believers desire to follow the way and the life of Jesus Christ and the truth laid out in the Bible. The seminary started as Zion Church Theological Seminary in 2017, and it was under the pastoral care of Zion Church, Lucknow, for the first two years.

In the summer of 2019, Pastor Harshit Singh led a church planting team in Vrindavan, Lucknow. With God’s help, the new church was planted and named Satya Vachan Church. The seminary moved to a new location with the church plant, and the seminary is now under the pastoral care of Satya Vachan Church.

The first batch of MDiv students graduated in 2020, and SVS currently has three concurrent batches of students, each of which is enrolled in the MDiv Programme.

Denominational Affiliation

SVS is under the oversight of Satya Vachan Church, which is not associated with any denomination. However, the church holds to Reformed and Baptistic convictions. Satya Vachan Church provides a forum or context for instruction, modeling, and praxis. SVS represents the vision, ethos, and character of Satya Vachan Church while also recognizing that there are diverse legitimate expressions of the local church and that future graduates may not be directly associated with Satya Vachan Church.

Our goal is not to produce clones or exact duplicates of Satya Vachan Church but to teach biblical truths for the equipping of men to shepherd the Body of Christ as represented in local churches (Tit. 1:5; Rom. 14-15), of which Satya Vachan Church seeks to be a healthy and maturing example.


SVS is currently in the process of pursuing accreditation with Asia Theological Association (ATA). Although we are not accredited at present, our seminary has excellent relationships with a few prestigious international theological institutions. This means that they consider the quality of our M.Div. to be robust, and thus they accept our graduates for further studies. Several of our graduates are able to pursue higher education on the basis completing their studies in our seminary.