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Equipping Men in India

In India, a diverse and spiritually rich nation, the role of pastors is pivotal in nurturing and shepherding the Christian community. From the bustling cities to the remote villages, pastors serve as spiritual guides, teachers, and mentors to their congregations. To understand the need for equipping men in India from a biblical perspective, one must delve into the Scriptures and grasp the profound significance of their ministry.


Church Based Seminary

A foundational conviction of SVS is that pastors are trained and raised in the context of local


SVS provides personalised guidance and mentoring with a dedicated resident tutor for each batch for every student for both spiritual knowledge and maturity.

Under Elders Care

The elders of the Satya Vachan Church regularly mentor students, guiding them in practical
service and ministry.

Access to Library

SVS’s extensive library supports student research and study with thousands of accessible books.

Access to the Latest Technology

SVS gives students access to high-quality computer and internet facilities for enhanced online learning and research.

Provided Personal Library

SVS provides every seminary student more than 200 complimentary books for their personal library, enriching their studies and ministry service.

Access to Conferences

SVS offers opportunities to attend conferences, empowering students to refine their skills, gain fresh perspectives, and cultivate a network of pastors.

Engage and Interact with MSJ

SVS students participate in meetings hosted by the MSJ, where they can meet with pastors, learn various things, and gain a profound understanding of the challenges they encounter in their respective ministries.

Qualified Christian Teachers

SVS brings teachers who have the education and experience to lead men toward competency in pastoring churches.

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Alumni Stories

What Do They Say About Us?

Bal Krishna KhatriPastor
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I am grateful to God for the Satya Vachan Seminary, where I had the privilege to join through His grace. This seminary, affiliated with our church, helped me deepen my understanding and interpretation of the Bible. The dedicated teachers guided me in broadening my perspective and thinking critically and biblically. I am genuinely thankful for the transformative experience at the seminary.
Rohit Masih
Rohit MasihAlumni
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Satya Vachan Seminary is based on the local church. Church elders are closely connected with students as their spiritual mentors and disciple. In this seminary, my life has been transformed. It equipped me with the knowledge of the Bible and preaching, helped me to grow in sound doctrine and godly life, prepared me for the service of the Local Church.
Amit Kumar
Amit KumarPastor
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I am grateful to God for the Satya Vachan Seminary, where I had the opportunity to join through His grace. This seminary is affiliated with our church. Throughout my time at the seminary, I received God's guidance through different teachers, enabling me to deepen my understanding and interpretation of the Bible in the correct manner. The seminary played a crucial role in broadening my perspective and cultivating critical and biblical thinking skills.
Vivek John
Vivek JohnAlumni
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I had a wonderful time of three years in the seminary. It has provided me tools to study God's word and also a close friend who will walk along with me all entire ministry and in my life is also beneficial for my spiritual growth. SVTS being a Church based seminary has not only just shot me with the sound Doctrine but it has manifested physically in church day-to-day life. If you are a person who has a heavy desire to study God's word and have a passion for the pastoral ministry I would highly recommend this seminary.